Sunday, August 02, 2015

His father's son
With senses like Waterford
And red ruby heart


No summer kisses
Beneath the Emerald Isle
She waits patiently


Autumn almost here
So distant a time since last
So distant the space


August 2, 2015

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Tendrils of steam
Bitter on the palate, sweet
Two faces, green tea

Finch on house, fence
Fencing bravely with song
Protecting my heart

Weeping is willow
Washing the faint sorrow
Being across the sea

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pre Dawn

Gentle, birds chirping
Morning dawns my mind stirs
Into scent, green tea

Distance, ocean
Scent of skin on her neck
Lingers, all mine

Contralto singing
Song of recent life echoes
Like tea, all smiles

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

last night's dal

last night's dal
predawn breakfast
ciabatta cooling

so hard to send
smells in words
across the sea

17 march 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I am falling to you
as unique as anything in
this universe could ever be.

Not as one who loves you
for who and what could
with senses; know you,
and not love you?

Who and what who has
stolen a view of the gentle
tremor of your lips; smiling,
could possibly turn away?

Except in bashfulness like
a child caught staring
at his first encounter of beauty
from across the recess yard.

I am unique.
I am unique because as
a snowflake happens only once;
as it crystallizes into complexity,
for only one; once,

to be gazed upon by your eyes;
your deep green eyes.

I shall have the one journey cast from
an ice cloud and fall, and fall, and fall
as I fall into you.

And after we briefly see each other,
after anticipation;
and landing on your delicate nose,
knowing I shall disappear.

Giving you only one sensation;
the only one that I am capable of, then
melt into less than a droplet of water
into your snowy skin.

But I will not disappear from this world;
I will be absorbed into your being;
become part of you. And
so fleeting as the moment was;
I am become part of you which

is where I have waited my entire
existence for;
it is, where I belong.

(10 March, 2015)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

the horse and the rider

This was written with no edits as part of an archetypes and visual imagery exercise in which I selected some Tarot cards and one Archetype card (by Sandra Myss) then used the images as cues with as little left-brain thinking as possible. This was written in about 15 minutes. It is interesting what still came out. Or maybe it isn't surprising.


the horse and the rider
trusting fate will come to them
as one or one as two
or two becoming one

with the innocence and trust of a child
of a newborn not yet with knowledge
not yet holding the power of choice
the power of choosing

one path leaves wreckage in its trail
another leaves seeds of life to grow
is it like the trust of the mother and her child
does she know that the child

could be the knight
could be the soldier
or the poet
or warrior monk

could she know that the child
could have the power to create
the power to destroy
the power to make others laugh

the power to make multitudes cry in sorrow
is the sorrow a thing of invention
is it a thing of creation
just as she created the child

or is it a mirror of herself
is the child to be the knight to fight all her dragons
and shed the blood of enemies
or is the child just a mirror of a self

  she would rather not see
  but knows in her heart she is a part of

(February 18, 2015)