Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I am falling to you
as unique as anything in
this universe could ever be.

Not as one who loves you
for who and what could
with senses; know you,
and not love you?

Who and what who has
stolen a view of the gentle
tremor of your lips; smiling,
could possibly turn away?

Except in bashfulness like
a child caught staring
at his first encounter of beauty
from across the recess yard.

I am unique.
I am unique because as
a snowflake happens only once;
as it crystallizes into complexity,
for only one; once,

to be gazed upon by your eyes;
your deep green eyes.

I shall have the one journey cast from
an ice cloud and fall, and fall, and fall
as I fall into you.

And after we briefly see each other,
after anticipation;
and landing on your delicate nose,
knowing I shall disappear.

Giving you only one sensation;
the only one that I am capable of, then
melt into less than a droplet of water
into your snowy skin.

But I will not disappear from this world;
I will be absorbed into your being;
become part of you. And
so fleeting as the moment was;
I am become part of you which

is where I have waited my entire
existence for;
it is, where I belong.

(10 March, 2015)