Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Message

heels at the stanford theatre
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Which way is she going?

I think, it is called

An ellipse. An imperfect circle,

A wobbling ovoid,

A drunken bee's dance.

the varsity

the varsity
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it had been a while since i've strolled down university avenue in the evening.

my friend dan and i walked around last night and i kept having flashes in my mind and memory of what the street was like when i was a kid. i had visions of the promenade when it was still crowded with little boutiques, restaurants and mom 'n pop shops before the zip code 94301 became "the place to be" in the mid to late 80's.

slowly but inavoidably it seems, the quaint downtown strip bit by bit mutated into a ripe petri dish for franchises.

by the dotcom era, many of the little eateries and other small businesses went in the way of the snowy egret. today, restoration hardware, apple, borders moved in.

anyway, my original thought for this photo was to photoshop something underneath the borders sign to make a funny commentary but haven't decided on something sufficiently irreverant yet. perhaps leaving it the way it is for those who remember what it previously was like and triggering some sort of reflection is enough of a commentary as it is.

however, suggestions are welcomed. it is always fun to see photoshop employed for something other than bad, distasteful, and inaccurate manipulation of reflections on poorly designed automobile ads. ;-p but that is another post...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

crusade (2003)

the painless smile
she wears as a flower

bears its petals,
displays the softness

of a rose
hiding sharp thorns.

the notes of laughter
leaving her throat

waltzes across the room
like a river's mist
coming to shore.

one might not imagine
the sharpness of the irises

in her eyes nor
the cutting intentions
resting in her crusade.

a glance in one direction,
a glimpse at another's station
reveal the losses,

cruelty that gave birth
to the most unkind of
human intention.

Monday, June 19, 2006

cleat and stowage

cleat and stowage
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knots and rope and a place to hide. hardened stainless steel and chrome plated brass. low lying light and long shadows. softened edges on a hard form and then the desaturated look of something dead or dying. how strangely such a combination can come to life when you twist your point of view, tweak your mind from its usual habits.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

the future ex-princess

so i cam home from a wonderful weekend hanging out with family and boating and it was very warm so i dug out some clothes i had not worn in a while...

and i found another object that had been (previously unknown) sprayed by my old housemate's cat named princess.

now i am a bonafide cat lover but this was one cat who always had issues with me and i with her. i was warned that she isn't friendly, etc. she even batted at me and hissed at me when i tried to pet her after feeding her and taking care of her while her mom was gone.

anyway, one day i discovered that she had sprayed a number of my things. clothes and such i could care less, they are washable. but then i discovered she had peed on one of my favorite journals...

it was a good thing i had already moved out upon this discovery because i, like any good fire blooded scorpio...well you know what that means and for those of you who don't, consider yourself fortunate.

so back to today, i found that a pair of shorts i picked out had her scent on it. not good. now i have to see what other items have been polluted. and it reminded me of what i thought when i found the journal, soiled. i said to myself if i ever see that cat again in person it is likely to make a really nice ebony...PELT. and with all the felines i dissected in biology classes back then and the wonderful collection of custom made skinning blades i own, the thought to GET that PELT suddenly came back in full swing...

oh i wouldn't stuff her or anything like that. more like curing the pelt and cutting up in little pieces and selling them to the high end fly fishing shops for fly tying material. i can market it as KARMA-PELT. use cat hair from a cat that has killed her fair share of fish and other little creatures to catch your next big idaho trout. whaddaya think???

therefore: the future ex-princess