Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i am in love

what does that mean?

it means i see a vision that gods can't explain. it means my heart is suddenly in the shape of someone else. this other person, she has changed the way i see the world. she has changed the shape of my heart. i have found my form. she has found my destruction. in my way. in my heart, i am destroyed. i am doomed.

i am in love.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Morning comes with stillness.
Droplets of dew still remain on the vines,
Lazy moisture cling to the edges of burdened leaves
Heavy with the weight of heaven’s tears.

Redolent angels cry only in the human night.
Redolent angels fear to reveal heaven’s confict
To those who steadfastly believe in celestial rumors.
Eons pass without success,

Even angels give up telling the truth
And let rumors be accepted as reality.
Being God’s messengers doesn’t make enduring
A codependent parent any easier to bear.

Monday, March 13, 2006


there is a little something
of beauty in all of the little moments
that i have in my days

there is a little something
of beauty in smiling at a stranger
and having her return the look

it is in the shifting of the wind,
the whirl of a moving leaf

it is in the momentary hold
of someone else’s lips

it is in the look of wonderment
in the face of an innocent child

in a moment, i am reminded
of why i hang on in this miserable life

in a moment, i am reminded
of the jewels of the mundane

in a moment, i am reminded
of the beauty of your smile


blossoms flutter in the spring wind

she refuses the breath of winter
she is angry of my affair
the way i caress ice
and the way ice melts in my touch

blossoms throws me petals
the way crèpe myrtle snows in spring
the way white flecks color my smile

but i am in love with winter
winter shapes her ice in my form
freezing me to the form

of a belonging that
she finds in me without my consent