Saturday, February 26, 2005

old grounds new camp

another move, another camp. as someone said, the nomad is built into you whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not.

so we'll see how the caravan will behave, i will see how many times a member of the "flock" needs chastising, direction, etc... nah, i didn't wake up cranky. i'm in a tranquil mood this morning. especially after the white chocolate mocha a friend bought me. in these last weeks, i have learned patience. sometimes i wonder where it comes from, there is no answer. there are periods of clarity now more often than ever. well, ever may not be accurate but a long time since...

in this clarity i am learning to be serious as well as goofy and not necessarily to anyone's detriment. this development is beyond nominal. in joviality, there is honest laughter hearty enough to wake sleeping dragons. in seriousness, there is enough compassion to subdue a crouching tiger. i am in fact learning.

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shinanos said...

Hiya, what's up?

Your test flied to Vietnamese Blogger-guy studying Japanese...Amazing!!
This morning I got email from him!!

I have no idea how they found my E-blog...though they enjoying the test results & my blog, hah...

Anyway, thanx for your help :)