Wednesday, March 09, 2005

i'm gonna drop you

scene: 5:30am, in the kitchen

dave (he says this whenever rob or i give him a hard time): i'm gonna drop you right where you stand!

then turns and walks away

me: hey dave

turns around and faces me with a quizzical smile on his face. i reach into my pocket and fish for a coin. i grab a penny and hold it out.

me: hey dave, you mean like this?

i flip the coin into the air and watch it fall to the ground. behind dave, rob and ronnie are standing watching. ronnie bursts into a fit of laughter. dave looks at me.

deer in the headlights.

he is just so fun to have around!

mental note to myself: send thank you note to intel for providing badly needed comic relief


Tara said...

It's a good thing he didn't say he was ging to drop you like a bar of soap!

Take care!

shinanos said...

Just came here to let you know my changes to protect myself from unwelcomed browsers.

narthex said...

yeah, i would have had to say, "both hands on the wall!" yah, i have a sick, twisted and demented bunch of acquaintances!