Monday, March 06, 2006

Beynac. 1997

It was a steep climb on the cobblestone street
To the precipitous seat of Chateau Beynac.
What were we thinking on such a warm day?
At the base, we laughed at a wooden sign
In front of a bakery that read “PAiN.”

Later, following the narrow winding streets
We turned a bend and were rewarded with
An unusual, amusing sight; against a low
Stone wall was an exuberant splash of color.
There hanging was a strange fruit;
A melon sized squash of blood orange hue.

I stooped beneath the dangling orb,
Looking at it against the powder blue sky.
It was a form of nature’s perfection
Against a clear robin’s egg heaven.

You smiled at me with a smile
An adult uses with a child when in wonderment.
I’m sure you thought the sparkle in my eyes
Was due to what my playful vision discovered.

Little did you know the perfection of the moment
Was actually your heartful’s reaction to my childishness.

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