Tuesday, August 01, 2006

lucid wanderdreams

sunday night's dreams:

i dreamed of being in france. there was a small house. well maybe not so small, more like an old house converted into three units. it was on a large field sort of property. no trees to be seen...

i dreamed of going into a bank with the intent of robbing it but the pretty teller only laughed at the idea and cashed a check for $14.23 instead. but why did she give me dollars when i was in france? i'm such a pushover for a pretty woman. or maybe it was because she was a redhead.

it is now tuesday morning at 4am and i find myself sleepless yet relaxed. i have turned into a vampire, being active at night in these last weeks. my mind is so much more alert when the rest of the world is asleep. peaceful. i leave the cacophony of diurnal life to others.

i've been dreaming of france a lot. the homeland calls to me. the other night, i had a dream that i was there but trying to order sushi in french and it was not going well then thought, what the hell am i doing trying to order sushi while in france? bring on the foie gras!


Lever said...

I can't say I've ever had the pleasure (?) of foie gras... but some nice goats cheese, bread and a bottle of plonk will do. I wonder when the next French Farmer's market is on 'round here...?

$14.23 LMAO :D

narthex said...

Lever, you have never had foie gras?! Oh my god, what a travesty! It is awesome dude. It is like, like culinary sex!

$14.23, indeed. That is pretty lame, huh?! ; )