Saturday, July 28, 2007

job description

i asked her what is it exactly
that angels are supposed to do.
she sat there across the small
granite table, smoking her brand-less
cigarette and exhaled. moments
passed quietly, neither one of us
uttering a word or squirming on
the leather cushions. she closed
her eyes for a long minute
and i could only pay attention
to her crimson lipstick. then she
looked at me and smiled,
"why do you always ask questions
that you already have the answers?
i mean shit, we work for the same boss
for god's sake."

july 28, 2007


Cygnoir said...

Yes. Wonderful.

Lever said...

Dude, trés film noir. So you work with Jane Russell, right? ;)

narthex said...

Lever, you of all peoples have thrown me a left handed curved ball. You have me all lost. I didn't even come within orbit of your comment.

But I's love you but it's due to the two wondrous ladies you live with. Right? :D

Lever said...

I've been wondering where you've been for quite a while but I did get a nudge in the right direction, yes. Hope you're doing OK :)