Saturday, December 13, 2008


This autumn I won't be spending with ghosts
I won't be dancing with faces that have faded
the golds and reds of this season will fall
and be a prelude to the light of what I'll find
when these lids lift and the warm glow of you
touches my face, I'll know it is time to wake

11 December 2008


rebekah said...

that's damn beautiful.

narthex said...

aww, thank you rebekah!

how are you? long time...

happy new year!

rebekah said...

happy new year to you too!

i'm great, just busy with school and hermit-ing myself somewhat.

gotta come up for air once in awhile... how is you ?

narthex said...

hehe! well you chose a pretty good geographical place to hermit yourself!

i'm okay. finding new projects as a design consultant is tough these days.
i'm just ramping up to find new work and/or a job. wish me luck.

outside of that, i have been in this long distance relationship with a lass. she is coming here next month. i'm excited about that.

hey, send me email at


rebekah said...

i do wish you luck, wholeheartedly. jobs are increasingly becoming harder to come by these days here. i worry about people, i really do ...

long distance relationships can be exciting and hell all at once (trust me, i know!). have an awesome time with your lady :)

i'm saving your address to my email as we speak!

Happy Saturday night!!!!

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Whatever happened to Cities of The Interior?
Love Ya!!!

rebekah said...

you need to update more, i feel. :)