Saturday, February 12, 2005

remember to lock your door and windows at home

this is one of the lines in the chinese horoscope for me in the year of the rooster. hmm...what does this mean? hopefully that i'll have a place to call home again sometimes this year. yeah, that would be nice. my own kitchen. yes i miss that. what is the line between being nomadic and homeless? does it have more to do with choice? one is by choice, the other is "you've screwed yourself into this situation?!"

my not quite ex-wife wants to see me tomorrow. that is three times in three weeks. i can't help but ask why. i don't think it is bad. i'm just surprised. surpised; really, that is all. well that may not be all but i told myself now is not a good time for too much analysis. so i blabber in order to keep my brain from getting too involved. so there, it seems to be kind of working. for now, it seems to be working.

emotional dreams last night, i think they came to me. it is always strange to wake up from dreams which you can't remember any of the visuals but the feelings that were contained in them were very clear. very clear. anger. anger at not being understood. anger of disagreement. can't remember what the subject was but the results were there. whatever...


Tara said...

I can't read the rest of it so I don't know for sure, but I think the meaning is one of those metaphorical ways of saying don't put yourself in a situation where people can take advantage of you.

My Chinese horoscope had something like that too.

shinanos said...

Yeah I can't understand Chinese horoscope says, just like you...and I'm always wonderin' why other bloggers display those unique signs of their born years!
And here I have "Year Animal" in Japan. Referring to the old legend, we have 12 another yearly changing animals. Mine is monkey, and this year's cock/hen. When did you born? I can tell yr year animal, I think.
Anyway, glad to read yr post by few capricious clicks of "NEXT BLOG". If you like, please visit my E-blog! Seeya~ :)