Monday, February 14, 2005

red roses are cliche

they are especially on valentine's day. but no matter, there is no participation on my part. but then what is my part anyway? last year i sent blue irises. i would argue that that is more interesting.

rain today, not heavy rain. just the "enough to be annoying" kind of rain.

missed my bus stop cause i was in too deep into the shakespeare i was reading. maybe that nerd test i took was correct.

another change in residents in the abode is imminent. watching others' choices and consequences. it is an unfiltered sort of way to learn the patterns of living life with minimal drag and damage. yes, damage. it happens. we do it to ourselves. sometimes we revel for a moment at other's mishaps but it only lasts a moment. then the heart has an option to soften and feel compassion or let the ego run wild and yell "i told you so." maybe our own suffering makes us aware of our potential humanity, we can empathize even if we don't sympathize.


i drove miles
to put leagues


your station
and my being.

the time it
took me

to get away

was the time
that one lingers
without regret


rain again. let the rhythm be a lullaby


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Blue irises are *inarguably* more interesting and missing a bus due to *thinking* is a hardcore sign of being a nerd. But, yay, nerds! :)

narthex said...

uh...yeah, you should have seen what i scored on the geek test...

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

So give it up, what *did* you score. (And some girls think a high score is actually good, you know!)

narthex said...


so that only makes me a major geek. as opposed to super geek...

you believe me right? =)