Thursday, March 24, 2005

i'm sitting in a cafe this morning and this woman walks over to me and says, "hi, do you remember me?"

this usually under any circumstances is awkward.

half a second later the visuals are matched with some place in my brain. oh it's margot! we used to work together at cks. gee, that was like...ten years ago. i was surprised that she would recognize me. it must have been due to the crazy antics i participated in back then when we worked together. yeah, things like roller hockey in the office, skate-by nerf gun shootings, and the occasional obligatory primal rage bouts at 10:04am with her boss bruce when he was having a bad morning.

anyway, it was good to see her. we exchanged contact info and agreed to get together for lunch or something sometimes.

it was a good way to start the day...


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Hmmm, I've noticed a trend here.
You don't happen to.....hmmm, what would I guess?....LIVE in a cafe, to you? They definitely know your drink order.

shinanos said...

Ha ha, how're you doin Son? Becky and your pages' renewal look really nice.