Wednesday, February 21, 2007

body schema

listless and restless

listless and restless are his fingers,
wanting to draw and scribble
something; some face to comfort
the fatigue drawn out under
the falling night sky and rising stars.

eager and craving are the sensations
coursing through the vessels, past
tissues hungry for blood, dying
for warmth promised for so long;
for touches promised like dreams.

tingling melodies are caressing
the thousands of tiny hairs rising
up from his skin, from the goose bumps.
body schema reaching its limit;
body's thirst for soulful company.

imagined liquor reaches his lips,
she swallows a thought, he is quenched.
momentarily dark and light are married;
a bond like glue between broken pieces;
a bond like halves of a fallen seed.

feb 21, 2007

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