Thursday, February 22, 2007

late is the hour

late is the hour, yet my body and mind seem to be in another time zone where it is either early morning or early evening; times when everything inside is shifting from stillness into motion. it makes me wonder what it might be like to be able to go for four or six days without sleep and then sleep for several days straight through. or perhaps i just find something so soothing in the late hours of night's darkness when most everyone else is in deep slumber and my senses are not disturbed by their waking static. i don't understand the dichotomy of my feelings about people most of the time. i don't understand how i love and hate people at the same time so frequently. perhaps it is just a reflection of my own perception and attitude about myself, it could be; why not? if that indeed is the case, it should not surprise me. nothing should surprise me anymore or at least that is what i would like to think...well some of the time anyway. i think i also like to change my mind; a lot! hah!

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