Tuesday, March 20, 2007

eastern light

morning comes with a cool breeze rising with the sun. in the midst of these hills the sun is lazy, staying behind chapparal and boulder strewn summits well past eight o'clock.

the westward view is hazy, trying to decide if it will linger or fly away to sea with the wind.

i walked the dog up the hill, breaking into sunlight; breaking into a movement of atmosphere cold enough to pull up my hood. birds chirped, not quite singing. they displayed their mustard yellows plumes like starlets in hollywood; brightly and briefly.

it is the setting for some difficult things i have to do.

to acknowledge disappointment i cause in others; to acknowledge i am just a person and to find a place for being ok within myself.


Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to believe that anyone could be disappointed in you. Your generosity of spirt, your historical insights, your divine creativity is my only catechism.

narthex said...

thank you dear though often it feels like i live in a state of irony

heh, i even have it as a medical disorder: too much iron in my system. hemachromatosis